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"Having a powerful web site is a key part of our strategy for building a communications company serving the women's market. We struggled with other web development firms for a number of years before being referred to SML® Design. They are terrific people to work with and their work in all respects is top notch. they combine the essentials of doing exceptionally good web designs coupled with a strong capability to handle the back-end systems needed for interactive sites. SML® Design can certainly take your organization's web site to new levels of success."


Judy Chapman, Founder/Editor
Garden State Woman Magazine.


"I have to say that it's nice to work with SML® Design. I was recommend by one of their clients. SML Design understood how I wanted my website to be developed. With a few emails, SML® Design executed the design of my website quickly. I was excited to see that they had my website up and running in a short period of time. SML® works very well with their clients to make sure that their clients are very satisfied with the services they are receiving. It's a pleasure working with them. I highly recommend their services."


Thanks, Nadine
Milagos Online.


"SML® has turned our home built web site into a professional web site the business can be proud of. Updates to the web site are handled immediately and without headaches. SML® has helped us keep our clients informed with the user friendly layout they created for our web site. Thank you SML®."


Regards, Pamela Walker
Somerset Airport.


"I would like to take this opportunity and thank you for an excellent job on completing my website. I'd like to say I love your personality. You are very patient, helpful and, concerned about how you present your work to other viewers, as well as, how it affects your customer's prospective clients. You give your customers the opportunity to create and design their own website and then you give that personal final touch to enhance the site for other viewers. I believe most of my growth in business today is because my site has your personal touch of professionalism."


Bary Ward, President
Wise DJ


"SML® Design has continually provided prompt, professional, and excellent service to us over the years. From their first designs for our site to the on going updates and changes that we occassionally require, they have been everything we've expected and wanted and more. Thank you for everything SML® Design!"


William Parish
President, Vivamorem Entertainment, Inc.


"We have used SML® Design to build 2 web sites and are VERY pleased with the outcome. We especially love their personal service they offer by making constant updates to our site without a hassle. They are reasonably priced and quite creative in ways that we could never imagine. Their design work sets our site apart from others and they are on a constant lookout for ways to improve us in the rankings! Keep up the good work guys!"


Franz Bach JR.
Koba Corp.




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